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Team up wayanad with corporate's team building training

Wayanad is an excellent location for Corporate Team Building & motivating outbound exercises. This has been the opinion of many Corporate's who have come to Wayanad for their team building exercises.

"If you are a Company or Corporate in search of a location which offers you spectacular sites to learn with fun, enjoyment and challenge that helps to Build your Teams; if you are looking for a Hotel that has a professional approach to cater to the requirements of Professionals; You can conclude your exploration at Wayanad and Green Gates."

This has been the opinion of many Corporate who have come to Wayanad for their Team Building Exercises and Training.

Wayanad is a perfect location for Corporate Team building & motivating out bound exercises. Wayanad has innumerable water bodies & other ideal sites which offer wide-ranging options for out bound activities like Trekking, Raft Building, River Crossing, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Rappelling, even Para Sailing & Para Gliding.

Coupled with this, Green Gates Hotel offers an excellent in-house adventure department employing competent & professional people who excel in above adventure sports. This department plays a vital role in assisting the Corporate groups for out bound team building exercises/training. Green Gates Hotel is the only hotel or resort authorized by both the Forest & Tourism Departments of Kerala Government to camp out at nights at various sites in Wayanad. While camping out or taking part in other adventure activities, Green Gates takes that extra needed care & attention not to disturb the ecological balance at these sites.

Reaching Green Gates & Wayanad is very convenient. You can approach us from Calicut or Bangalore / Mysore.

Green Gates Hotel provides the following for the Corporate teams:

  • Professional trekkers as guides
  • All materials & guidance for raft building team exercises
  • Professional rock climbers with gears
  • Camping out at night & full gears & assistance team for it
  • Para Gliding & Sailing - outsourced
  • Contacts of Training Experts to debrief learning linkages to Job/Work of Teams
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Comments from Influxcellence Training Consultants (P) Ltd

"Our Company strives for perfection and Green Gates partners with us brilliantly. Discipline is an integral part of our Training Programs, Green Gates have always ensured perfect timings as per our schedules for activities and all other arrangements. It has provided us delicious meals, comfortable stay, logistics support for outbound activities. What is most admirable is their willingness to take that extra step. The Ranbaxy Teams were delighted when they were served tasty hot lunch in style at the Kuruva island where they had done their Trekking Activity! We think Green Gates has the capability to match our high standards of expectation. Our clients have always enjoyed the Team Outbound Training conducted by us at Wayanad and Green Gates."

"What is striking about Wayanad as a location is the perfect setting for all types of Outbound activities and debriefing/reflections of learnings. We can choose different rock faces for Rappelling or rock climbing activity, the river crossing site has lovely scenic setting which adds to the enjoyment. The green lawns at the hotel are just the right place to conduct our learning sessions. Trekking activity has been a major success always because of the trek route/path available in Wayanad. It will always be a pleasure to conduct Outbound Training at Wayanad & Green Gates."

Arindam Bhattacharyya (Director)
Rachna Sharma (Director)