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The legendary Chain Tree of Lakkidi with a massive steel chain hanging on it

The legendary Chain Tree of Lakkidi is a large ficus tree standing by the wayside at this beautiful tourist spot in Wayanad around 15kms from Kalpetta. The tree, which stands at the end of the ghat section of the road that leads to Wayanad from Calicut, is bound by a chain and has an interesting story behind it.

Changala Maram or Chain Tree is a major attraction for travelers who pass through the Calicut- Wayanad route.

The myth of the tree is associated with the tribal chief Karinthandan, who lived between 1700-1750 AD. During the British colonial era, Wayanad didn’t have any developed roads. Wayanad was blessed with dense forests and hills only the tribes knew the paths through these forests. Karinthandan belonged to the Paniya tribe, he was the chief of that tribal community.

He knew every path in the forest. So when the British Viceroy announced a reward for to those who find a way from Thamarassery to Wayanad to through the forest, a British engineer took the help of Karinthandan to find the route. After a lot of effort, the priest was able to chain the ghost to a Ficus tree, which is now known as the Changala Maram or Chain Tree.

A small temple built near the tree and started to worship Karinthandan.


  • Distance from Kalpetta: 15. Kms. (3 kms. from Pookot Lake).
    Timings: 09:00 A.M. to 06:30 P.M.
    Ideal Dress: Casuals