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The intricate and elaborate carvings on the pillars remain in a dilapidated state due to long years of neglect

The ruined Panamaram temple was an ancient religious center for Jains in Wayanad. Though severely damaged, the temple has some examples of the excellent stone sculpturing tradition prevalent in ancient times.

The Jain Temple in Bathery is said to date all the way back to the 13th century, and their all-granite framework is correlated to it being built in the Vijayanagara architectural style.

It has served as a shrine, a trade centre and also an ammunition dumping ground for Tipu Sultan during the 18th century. Other small constructions can also be found around this temple. The partly ruined temple and the rather derelict area, generates a peculiar sense of mystery about this site.

Today, the wonderfully made pillars of these Jain Temples offer peace and solitude to all who visit. Sulthan Bathery has managed to sustain a strong and special connection to Jainism to this day. This relationship dates all the way back in the 12th century, when the first Jain migrants appeared in the area.

The murals, carvings, stone pillars and paintings seen here, tell tales of a time which saw the birth of a new form of worship in the middle of a hilly and picturesque terrain.


  • Distance from Kalpetta: 24 Kms.
    Timings: 06:00 A.M. to 09:30 A.M. & 05:30 P.M. to 06:30 P.M.
    Ideal Dress: Dress fit for the temple, preferably.